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AzuCloud - Search keyword cloud 0.1.2

Thảo luận trong 'Addon Xenforo' bắt đầu bởi hagialinh, 27 /2/ 2015.

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  1. hagialinh

    hagialinh Moderator Thành viên BQT Modetor

    Description & Screenshots:
    This addon adds an automatically updating tag cloud to the footers of XenForo pages of your choice using terms from incoming search engine queries ordered by popularity. In theory this should provide significant SEO benefit




    • Supports all the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, etc.
      Highly flexible integration supports theoretically every page in XenForo along with pages added by modifications.
      Powerful search term manager allowing you to list, search and block terms along with their hit counts and the time since last hit.
      Filtering of search engine operators such as +word, -word, inurl:site.com
      Well optimised code and queries - comfortably scales to millions of keyword hits.
      Everything you see in the screenshots

    • Upload contents of upload folder to forum root.
      Install the addon xml file.
      Configure the options as necessary, though the defaults should be fine for most forums.
    0.1.0 or older to 0.1.2:

    • Upload contents of upload folder to forum root, overwriting all files.
      Perform upgrade process with new addon xml file.
      Remove old template include (<xen:include template="dark_azucloud" />) from PAGE_CONTAINER template
    0.1.1 to 0.1.2:

    • Upload contents of upload folder to forum root, overwriting all files.
      Perform upgrade process with new addon xml file (expect this to be slow if you have a lot of terms)
    How do you control what pages AzuCloud is displayed on?
    Rather than fiddling with individual templates, AzuCloud hooks into the main PAGE_CONTAINER template (which is used on pretty much every page) and uses its own logic to choose when it should be displayed. The two options 'Active controllers' and 'Active routes' on the AzuCloud options page are what you're looking for to change where AzuCloud is displayed. Until a better interface is developed, you will probably need a basic knowledge of PHP and/or to ask in this thread for the 'Active controllers' option to be useful (e.g. to add AzuCloud to other addons' pages). 'Active routes' should be easy enough for anyone to use, though obviously its use doesn't extend very far as it is restricted to static URLs.

    How do you add AzuCloud to an addon's page(s)?
    If you take a look in library/modname/ControllerPublic (usually)/whatever.php, the class definition right at the start is the controller name (in the case of XenMedio, EWRmedio_ControllerPublic_Media), then you can take your pick of what actions to include out of the functions available (actionIndex, actionMedia, etc.)
    So for example you could add something like this in the Active Controllers setting:

    0.1.2 (11/12/2011):

    • Optimised tag cloud generation query
      Significantly optimised admin tag listing query
    0.1.1 (11/12/2011):

    • Fixed error log spam ('undefined index: host')
      Added template hook (no edits required any more)
      Search terms are now censored
    0.1.0 (28/01/2011):

    • Added an admin option (default on) for keywords containing the full board URL with or without www. to be silently rejected.
      Added an admin option (default on) to filter out search engine operators such as +word, -word, ~word, inurl:site.com
      Please note that existing terms will need blocked manually as these filters are not retroactive and only apply to incoming queries.
    0.0.3 (23/01/2011):

    • Action and route matching is now case-insensitive, fixing compatibility with a number of other addons.
    0.0.2 (03/12/2010):

    1. Added order options (hits, last clicked, alphabetical) to the search terms admin panel page.
      Added slight optimisation to the global query.
      Improved route matching system, making trailing slashes optional (fixed canonical issue).
      Fixed AzuCloud being displayed on error pages.
      Fixed hits to read 'hit' for single hit terms.
      Reduced number of terms per page in the admin panel to 50.
    0.0.1 (01/12/2010): First public release


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